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Dental implants | Bakersfield | Valley Grace DentalArthur Huang, DDS at Valley Grace Dental is an experienced provider of dental implants. Dental implants are the ideal replacements for missing teeth. While most dental restorations focus on replacing the visible part of the tooth (the crown), dental implants replace the entire dental structure, including the roots. As such, dental implants become a firm and secure part of your dental anatomy, indistinguishable from natural teeth in aesthetics and functionality.

Dental implants are titanium metal posts drilled into the jaw bone under the empty socket of the missing tooth. Once the implant is drilled into the jaw bone, your bone tissues gradually heal around the implant, adhering to its surface via a process called osseointegration. Over time, the dental implant becomes a firmly rooted part of your dental anatomy.

Once your jaw bone has healed around the implant, the dentist provides a dental restoration to attach over the implant, such as a dental crown, bridge, or implant-supported denture. The dental restoration replaces the visible part of the tooth, and it’s specifically designed to resemble your natural teeth. As such, dental implants look and function just like actual teeth.

The exceptional dental team at Valley Grace Dental provides a wide range of dental implant restorations in Bakersfield, including dental crowns, dental bridges, and implant-supported dentures. Once you’ve undergone the implant procedure, our dental professionals discuss your dental restoration options to find the ideal solution for your unique needs.


Implant-supported dental crowns are ideal for patients missing one tooth. Dental crowns are custom-made caps attached over the implant’s abutment. We take accurate measurements and impressions to provide natural-looking dental crowns that resemble the color, shade, and shape of your surrounding teeth. You can get dental crowns in various materials, including metal, ceramic, gold, etc., but we recommend tooth-colored porcelain crowns.

We recommend porcelain crowns to all our patients because porcelain has the same shade and texture as enamel; the two materials even reflect light the same way. While you can get implant-supported dental crowns for all your missing teeth, we strongly recommend crowns for patients missing one tooth. If you’re missing multiple teeth, you may be better served by implant-supported bridges or dentures.


Implant-supported dentures are ideal for patients missing an entire arch of teeth. They’re similar to removable full dentures, except that they’re firmly screwed over four or five strategically-located dental implants. If you’re missing an entire arch of teeth, you can get implants positioned in four or five strategic points to firmly attach the denture. As such, you securely replace an entire arch of teeth without needing 10 or more implants for individual crowns.

Dental bridges are custom-made to resemble the shape, color, and shade of your natural teeth. Our dental experts measure your teeth’s shade and take impressions to prepare natural-looking dental implants for your unique dental anatomy. You can also get dental bridges in multiple materials, but we highly recommend porcelain dental bridges because their texture closely resembles actual enamel. Dental bridges are suitable for patients missing multiple teeth in a series; if you’re missing an entire arch, you may be better served with an implant-supported denture.

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